Cat basket

Gift your cat the pleasure of lounging in one of our lavish cat baskets! Made out of 100% natural materials, we provide cat baskets that are ethically sourced and of the highest quality. Baskets are fantastic at providing a spot for your cat to feel safe and still be able to watch the world go by. Ours are the perfect balance of being sturdy but also lightweight, and will look beautiful in any room of the home. Made of wool, our baskets are beneficial in so many ways, for you and your cat! Wool is perfect at moisture wicking and temperature regulation – the wool material will hold heat or allow cool air to flow through the fibres depending on the external temperature, keeping your feline friend at a perfect temperature when inside it. Cats are also incredibly drawn to wool, and having one of our baskets will help ensure your cat is lazing in its basket rather than somewhere else you don’t want them to be. Our no-nasties wool is perfect for you too – being naturally hypo-allergenic, dust mites won’t penetrate the material and settle within. The lanolin in the wool will also help the basket to remain sanitary due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature. We offer our baskets in many colour combinations and sizes, and we only use eco-friendly packaging to deliver them!  
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All our products are lovingly hand-made just for you by our local suppliers. 

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All our products are ethically sourced and made from high quality raw materials.

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