Cat cave

Cats love to feel safe, warm and snug - and one of our quality cat caves will do just that! Luxury Pets' cat caves are made of sustainable, natural and luxurious materials, and are available in multiple styles and colours. Our cat caves are also mouldable, so can be shaped and squished to be used as a bed or a cave, depending on what you or your cat fancies. Cats are so often sneaking into every little box or blanket they can find - this is due to them having a natural instinct that something might prey on them whilst sleeping, particularly from above. Therefore, an enclosed cat cave or cocoon is perfect for making your cat feel secure, cosy, and loved. Cat caves are also perfect for if your cat is feeling overwhelmed and needs some time alone, without all their senses being triggered. Our wool caves are also fantastic at moisture wicking and temperature regulation – the wool material will hold heat or allow cool air to flow through the fibres depending on the external temperature, keeping your feline friend at a perfect temperature when inside it. Wool also is very appealing to cats, perhaps due to the lanolin in sheep’s wool, so a little wool cave for your cat will help ensure they’re less likely to sleep where you don’t want them to. The lanolin will also help the cave to remain sanitary due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature. Though when you do want to clean it, it will be incredibly easy to clean as your cat’s hair will have stuck to the wool’s outer surface rather than becoming ingrained in the material. 


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