Dog rope toys

Luxury Pets are thrilled to offer dog rope toys in various colours, shapes and sizes – all of which are strong, ethically sourced, and handmade. Rope toys have so many benefits for your furry friends! When dogs get anxious or bored, they often chew to calm themselves – giving your dog or puppy a rope toy to play with and chew on releases endorphins that help them feel happy, occupied and relaxed. Having a high-quality rope toy helps prevent destructive behaviour such as inappropriate chewing of furniture and shoes, as well as excessive barking. Toys to chew on are also essential for your dog’s dental health, increasing antibacterial salvia production and additionally helping to cleanse and strengthen their teeth and gums. Dogs need both mental and physical stimulation. Luckily, one of our rope toys can provide both! The strength of your pup’s upper body, teeth, jaws, heart and more are strengthened whilst playing with a rope toy. Simultaneously, their balance and coordination are improved, and their intelligence grows. Plus, all this effort focusing tuckers them out and keeps them happily occupied whilst you’re busy. Of course, when you’re not otherwise occupied, playing with a rope toy with your dog enriches the bond between you – your dog will associate you with lots of fun play activities! Your dog’s social skills can also be improved by playing with other dogs using one of our rope toys, having fun and learning how to play nicely. 
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All our products are lovingly hand-made just for you by our local suppliers. 

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All our products are ethically sourced and made from high quality raw materials.

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