Ethical Code

Human Resource Management
Human resources are an indispensible element for the existence and development of the business. The dedication and professionalism of employees are values and conditions of determining importance for the achievement of the Group's objectives.

The Group will protect personal values. In this context, no conduct of a discriminatory nature will be tolerated nor will any form of personal or sexual harassment, molestation or offensive behaviour be permitted. Luxury Pets thus guarantees that there will be no room in the work-place for any form of discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, race, language, nationality, political or trade union opinions, religious beliefs or other personal characteristics not relating to work.

The Group undertakes to develop the skills and capacities of each employee so that the energy and creativity of each individual is able to find full expression in the performance and achievement of the Company Objects. The Group will offer its entire staff the same opportunities of professional growth, ensuring that all are able to enjoy fair treatment based on merit without any form of discrimination. The competent functions will thus be required:

(i) To adopt criteria based on merit, skill and in any case strict professionalism when making any decision in relation to an employee;
(ii) To select, employ, train, pay and manage employees without any form of discrimination and in compliance with all applicable employment law provisions;
(iii) To create a work environment where personal characteristics cannot give rise to discrimination.

Each Addressee will be required to collaborate actively in the maintenance of reciprocal respect for the dignity and reputation of all.

The Group will thus seek to eliminate all discriminatory conduct or behaviour damaging to the person, his or her beliefs and preferences (for example in the case of insults, threats, isolation or excessive interference or limitation of professional opportunities). Any breach of this article must be communicated immediately to the Group Ethical Committee or to Reference Bodies described under point 6.

4.2. Foreign workers and child labors
Into the Group employee are hired with regular employment contracts and is not tolerate any form of illegal labor. It is forbidden to hire foreign workers without a residence permit and/or take out term contracts with deadline over duration of residence permit. The Group doesn't employ any form of forced labor, compulsory or child labor, doesn't employ people younger than the age laid down for starting work by the legislation of the place in which the work is performed. The Group is also committed to not establishing or maintaining working relationships with suppliers that employ child labor.

4.3. Sexual harassment
Luxury Pets will not tolerate sexual harassment, this to be understood as the following: the subordination of pay or money prospects to the acceptance of sexual favours, proposals of private inter-personal relationships continued notwithstanding express statements that not welcome or when this is in any case reasonably evident and when, given the specific circumstances of the case, it is capable of causing discomfort to the person receiving such requests.

4.4. Care in Dressing and Maintaining Image
Group employees will be required to dress to a professional standard whenever their working activities are conducted with customers, suppliers and/or the public. In any case, even when not required to interact with third parties, staff will be required to wear clothing which is not characterised by the explicit exhibition of brands other than those of the Group.

4.5. Environment, Safety and Health at Work
The Group undertakes to promote and consolidate a culture of safety, heightening awareness of risk, promoting responsible behaviour by all workers and seeking to protect worker health and safety, particularly through the adoption of accident prevention measures. To such end the Group undertakes to develop training (and information) programmes tailored to the needs of the particular Addressees.
Furthermore, the Group undertakes to guarantee working conditions are such as to ensure the protection of workers' psycho-physical health, maintaining its works premises, offices and operational systems in such a way as to comply with all safety standards and to guarantee working conditions which observe individual dignity together with the establishment of a safe and healthy working environment. Finally, the Group will carry out periodical inspections to ensure that all safety measures are effectively implemented and observed. All workers in their turn will be required to comply with the conditions imposed by the law and the Group practices and procedures.

4.6. System of Sanctions
Sanctions applicable to those in management positions

The conduct of any member of the management team which is contrary to the principles set out in this Ethical Code and/or which is fraudulent or negligent, or contrary to the law or fundamental duties of the position held, will be assessed taking account of the special nature of the related employment relationship and its highly fiduciary nature, of the lack of a system of low-level disciplinary sanctions, of the Group's special need to be able to trust in the professionalism, availability and skills of the person concerned for the implementation of the principles described above and compliance with the principles of legality and the business's rules and procedures.
Sanctions applicable for employed workers
The sanctions which may be applied to staff are those set out in the collective contracts which each employee declares that he or she accepts at the moment of appointment. The breach of the provisions of the Ethical Code may constitute breach of the primary obligations of the employment relationship and a breach of disciplinary rules. In such circumstances the business will be entitled to adopt all appropriate action including the termination of the employment relationship and a claim for compensation for any loss and damage. Cases of responsibility for failure to carry out checks and controls by persons vested with the related function will be treated with particular severity.

5.1 Environmental protection into work processes
Environmental protection is to be fostered in the overall approach to business. The Group is committed to improve continuously the environmental performance of the quality systems, production processes through the monitoring of the legislative and regulatory provisions.

5.2 Environmental impact and product safety
The Group is committed to producing and selling, in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, products with the highest standards in terms of environmental performance and safety. Also it works to develop and implement innovative technical solutions to minimize environmental impacts and ensure the highest safety.
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