Saving Dogs World Wide

We are now donating to animal shelters that take care and try to find new homes for some of the most needy animals.

I hope you already know why we should be protecting our animals and ecosystems, but let me tell you. Climate change is a real issue that is going to be a dominant feature of all our futures, even if you don't feel directly affected by it at the moment.

The fact of the matter is, sea levels are rising, and global warming is not just going to be causing many problems for people living in low-living areas, and in areas prone to hurricanes and tsunamis, the resource depletion that will result from climate change will likely exacerbate the destruction of all sorts of ecosystems and animal habitats worldwide.

Not to mention, if you have any affection for your fellow animals, as we are indeed animals ourselves, you should want to protect the rain forest's ecosystems that have been burning, and animals like polar bears that live in habitations at risk from the ice caps melting. We don't want to live in a world of animals having to leave their natural homes to flee from flooding and wild-fires. Let's make sure that no dog is left stranded and the lives of our beloved pets and other animals are put first as one of our deepest priorities. 


We should love the planet that we are the product of, and that creates a lot of the great experiences and real moments in our daily lives and holidays. These are the places we visit, the places we enjoy and the ecosystems and animals that make human life and exploration so exciting and rewarding. These are the places we can escape to from our hectic lives, the places that can inspire everything we do and work for. For many of us, the earth is our anchor, and we should maintain the roots accordingly.

Whenever I have travelled and visited new places, I have always found myself discovering beauty in new types of landscapes and wildlife and I'm sure you have too. The peace and isolation you get in remote, wild landscapes, such as the Loire Valley in France or the Scottish Highlands, is unmatched. 

Try it yourself - simply go for a walk into a field or the woods until you are alone, stop and listen and watch life all around you supporting and growing out of each other.

The human organism is part of this ever-green process of life creation, and it should be the mission of everyone to support their own roots and not destroy them with each passing generation.

This is becoming especially obvious during the worldwide Covid-19 crisis where we clearly as a human species have drifted away from what really matters and makes us whole. A lot of our care for the planet, which almost all of us have, is part of our subconscious.

We have pets and plants around us to admire and remind us of nature, but so often we consciously forget their importance in grounding us. Therefore, we at Luxury Pets believe it is everyone's job in 2020 to begin to take the steps to move the importance of protecting our home from our subconscious to our conscious action taking. 

Give a little back and pay your respects to the home we play on and the adventures we can take on it with our furry, and sometimes scaly, neigbhours.

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