All-Out Luxury Merino Wool Pet Bed

All-Out Luxury Merino Wool Pet Bed

All-Out Luxury Merino Wool Pet Bed

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Treat your pets like a king or queen with this opulent merino wool design. The woven wool exterior is arm-knit in a stylish and beautiful chunky style, and the curved, bowl-shaped bed will conform to your pet’s shape—making it a cozy and comfortable place for them to sleep, nap, or just relax throughout the day.

  • Made from 100% merino wool
  • Hand-knit using an arm knitting technique
  • Perfect for both cats and dogs 
  • Shipping may take up to 30 business days

Cats loves to hide somewhere as in cat cave. Loves to have their own warmplace. So Chunky cat bed is perfect. This cat bed made from merino wool. Do not forget about Dogs! They also are welcome to use these Chunky knit beds. Made using arm knitting technique. Unique Christmas gift. 


On cold evenings, perfect place to your pet. Made from 100 % pure merino wool.

Great gift idea for pet lovers.

This is it! Chunky merino wool cat bed - Cat nest, Cat cave, Cat house, Cat mat or Dog bed, Pet bed.

My cat loves it. For dogs we can make bigger ones.

  1. - Wash at low temperature on a gentle machine cycle.
  2. - Do not tumble dry.
  3. - Line dry.
  4. - Do not wring to remove excess water.
  5. - Do not use bleach.
  6. - Do not use fabric softener.
  7. - Do not dry clean.
  8. - Use a cool iron avoiding prints.

Main picture cat bed size is 16" (40 cm)
Pale pink and mint cat bed is 14" 
For dogs the best is 18-20 inches (pug dog size)
1 inch = 2.5 cm

Shipping may take 14-30 business days.

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